Willy Brandt in Warsaw – december 1985

Małgorzata Świder
Willy Brandt in Warsaw – december 1985
[Willy Brandt w Warszawie – grudzień 1985]
s. 245-267; pp. 245-267

One of less known visits paid abroad by a German chancellor Willy Brandt was his official visit in Warsaw in December 1985. The article presenting this event is based on both German and Polish sources. Poles interpreted the visit in the political context: it could help the government to recover its, now weakened, position at international arena; in the same time it could strengthen the opposition. The visit was also a question of prestige and propaganda for German SPD, that Brandt represented himself, in the context of the election campaign to Bundestag in 1987. The issue of the German East Policy, contacts with Poland included, was a part of the campaign strategy. During his being in Warsaw Brandt talked to gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, Primate Józef Glemp and representatives of the Catholic Intelligentsia Clubs (KIK). A meeting with Lech Wałęsa was not carried out, what was met by a fusillade of criticism from the Polish opposition side.


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