The new city slaughterhouse in Wrocław 1896–1999

Marta Ostrowska
The new city slaughterhouse in Wrocław 1896–1999
[Wrocławska nowa rzeźnia miejska 1896–1999]
s. 357-364; pp. 357-364

The time of construction (1896) and demolition (1999) of the city slaughterhouse in Wrocław are not only final dates, but also symbolic moments in the history of the city. In 1896 the old slaughterhouse, that operated incessantly in densely built-up Old Town area since the Middle Ages, was closed. The way of slaughtering held there, in conditions far from contemporary standards, as well as animals forced into the place, made every day life of neighbors unpleasant and poisoned soil and ground waters in the area. The modern slaughterhouse of animals worked in perfect sanitary conditions. It guaranteed that the inhabitants would be supplied with meat of a high quality. The second date, 1999, is not connected with a change as good as the previous one. Despite numerous protests, historic buildings of the old slaughterhouse were demolished in order to clear the area for future construction. The idea to adapt the old buildings was not taken into consideration, though such solutions were already known in Europe. Therefore this date remains a disgraceful decision in the history of Wrocław.

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