The city council of Wrocław after 1990. Tradition and change

Leonard Smołka
The city council of Wrocław after 1990. Tradition and change
[Samorząd miejski Wrocławia od 1990 r. Tradycja i zmiana ]
s. 411-420; pp. 411-420

The article presents historic reflections related to the forming in Wroclaw a democratic selfgovernment (the City Council of Wrocław) as the result of the elections held on the 27th May, 1990. It should be underlined, that such a council did not exist neither during the period of the Third Reich (1933–1945) nor during the time of People’s Poland (1945–1990). The reflections are based on the experience of the author – a historian and, at the same time, a member of self-governed municipal authorities of Wrocław during two terms in the last decade of 20th century. Necessary sources were also: ‘Dziennik Ustaw’ (Journal of Legislation), private notes from the period, memoire-questionnaire deposited at the City Museum of Wrocław and sporadically literature. This was completed by the home archive of the author’s parents, some documents of his father, who was a member of self-governed administration, a secretary of the community-the chief of the Register Office in the district of Rybnik, province of Silesia, in the years 1920–1939 and a member of local National Councils in the years 1945–1967. The important part of the text is 10 annexes (chapter VII of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland from 1997, concerning the local authorities, and documents from the home archive).

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