The case of newspaper ‘concern’ of the d’Oench family

Tomasz Przerwa
The case of newspaper ‘concern’ of the d’Oench family
[Przypadek „koncernu” prasowego d’Oenchów]
s. 21-35; pp. 21-35

The subject of the article is the activity of newspapers’ publishers in Silesia, with their all possibilities and limitations, in the first half of 19th century, from the time of Napoleon to the time of reaction after the Spring of Nations. The author concentrated on little known lot of d’Oench family that dealt with publishing, editing and printing. Both their achievements and failures were representative for that time full of tensions. For 40 years they were publishing a dozen of newspapers and journals. All this activity was based on printing houses in Liegnitz (Legnica) and Reichenbach (Dzierżoniów). They did not avoid conflicts with officials and censors, though until the revolution of 1848 they presented rather conformist attitude. After the Spring of Nations they, as radicals, were imprisoned. Finally they emigrated what ended their activity in Silesia for good. The case of d’Oench family shows how local newspapers started becoming a basic medium of the century, in what way censors operated and how publishers worked.

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