Silesian Historical Quarterly “Sobótka” was founded in 1946 and from the beginning is a journal edited by Society for History in Wrocław, section of Polish Historical Society. The journal achieved high scientific position in the country and abroad, especially in Central Europe. It is one of the oldest in Poland regional scientific journals concentrated on history and is one of the most important journals among Polish periodicals in humanities.

From February 2010 professor Teresa Kulak is Editor-in-chief. Historians from Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and USA are members of the Scientific Committee. The circle concentrated around “Sobótka” is going to follow the tradition of the scientific journal focused on Silesian area and its heritage and keep presenting the newest research made by Polish, Czech, German, Austrian, American and Hungarian historians.

All articles published at “Sobótka” are reviewed by the members of the editorial staff and various researchers. In 2011 “Sobótka” appeared at ERIH list with NAT category. In September 2012 Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education granted 10 points to “Sobótka”.
Articles are indexed and abstracted in databases: CEJSH, Index Copernicus.


In 2012 Sobótka was granted funds within the National Program for Development of Humanities initiated by the Ministry for Science and Higher Education in order to translate the most valuable articles into English and present them on the web site. Now, in the beginning of the year 2014, we are able to show the results of the of work of the editorial board and mostly the translators: 28 articles in English from the various volumes that represent different subjects and historical periods (click: ONLINE ARTICLES). We believe that the texts will be interesting for scholars from abroad and cause interaction with the researchers in Poland. We plan to continue the program and present on-line more texts in the future.

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