Guidelines for authors

Please send all materials (dissertations, articles, miscellanea, polemics, reviews, reports, obituaries) via email to: or via postal mail on CDs. Submitted manuscripts must meet the following criteria: Doc / Pdf
Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by experts chosen by the editorial board. On this basis, they are further qualified for printing. Editorial board reserve the right to suggest changes or abridgements.
Authors of dissertations and articles receive the reviewed texts for final proofreading. Failing to submit the proofread text within the required time frame will be tantamount to granting the permission to the publication of text. Authors of dissertations and articles are entitled to receive two copies of the quarterly issue containing their publication(s) and authors of all other types of texts – one issue (regardless of the number of texts published in a single issue).
General guidelines for reviewing the publications:

  1. Each publication must be evaluated by two independent reviewers.
  2. In the case of texts in languages other than Polish, at least one of the reviewers must be affiliated with an international institution from a country other than the country of author’s origin.
  3. Both authors and reviewers remain anonymous (double-blind review process).
  4. In other cases reviewers are obliged to sign a declaration ensuring that there is no conflict of interest between them and the author(s); conflict of interest arises in the following situations:
    1. direct personal relationship between the author and the reviewer (kinship, legal relations, conflict),
    2. reporting relationship
    3. direct scientific collaboration within the period of two years prior to the preparation of review.
  5. The review must be submitted in writing and contain an unambiguous conclusion for or against the publication of the paper.
  6. The review form is freely available at: Doc / Pdf
  7. The names of the reviewers of publication/issue will not be revealed; the list of auxiliary reviewers is made available for the public annually.

In order to prevent breaches of integrity and reliability in scientific research, such as ghostwriting or guest authorship editorial board have introduced the following measures:

  1. Authors of publications are requested to prove their personal contribution to the publication creation process (presenting their affiliation with other persons involved in the process and information on the persons responsible for the main concept, assumptions, methods etc. utilized in the process of preparing the text); the author is the main person responsible for the submitted manuscript.
  2. All cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship will be made public, which includes communicating the issue to all relevant parties (authors’ employing institutions, scientific organizations, associations of scientific editors etc.).
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