Franciszek Roguszczak – szkic biograficzny

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Franciszek Roguszczak – szkic biograficzny
[Francis Roguszczak – biographical sketch]
s. 93–102; pp. 93–102

Francis Roguszczak came from Greater Poland. He was born on November 18, 1880 in Góra. He was the son of Andrzej, a farmer, and Marianna née Statkiewicz. He was an official, national, political and social activist in Upper Silesia. He dealt with journalism. He was one of the leaders of the National Workers’ Party in Upper Silesia in the interwar period. He was a member of the Polish Sejm (1922–1935) and the autonomous Silesian Sejm (1930–1931). He was a democrat and patriot, he opposed the Sanation rule. He sought to merge the individual districts of the Polish state as soon as possible towards the unification of local government legislation in all parts of the Commonwealth.

From mid-1935 he withdrew from political life. In January 1941, the German occupation authorities expelled him to the General Governorate because he refused to sign his nationality list. He stayed with his family in transit camps in Sosnowiec and Tarnów, and then he came to Krakow, where he died on November 27, 1941, and where he was buried at the Podgórski Cemetery.

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