‘Discovering’ the Lusatian Serbs by Poles (1st half of the 19th century)

Marian Orzechowski
‘Discovering’ the Lusatian Serbs by Poles (1st half of the 19th century)
[ Polskie „odkrywanie” Serbów Łużyckich (pierwsza połowa XIX w.)]
s. 179-212; pp. 179-212

Polish interest for the smallest Slavonic nation appeared at late 18th century, when the future of the lonely, tiny and still shrinking „a Slavonic Island in the German sea” was brought in question. A pioneer-discoverer of Lusatian Serbs was count Jan Potocki, the author of well known, translated into many languages ‘Saragossa Manuscript’. His work of ‘discovering’ Lusatian Serbs was continued by three researchers: Michał Bobrowski, Andrzej Kucharski, and Wacław Maciejewski. The scientific interests were followed by the political ones. The most eminent representative of Poles who were interested in political aspects of activity of Lusatian Serbs was Roman Zmorski, a publicist and poet, member of secret patriotic organizations, advocate of Slavonic solidarity and cooperation, visiting Lusatia in 1848–1850.


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