Beginning of the student scientific movement in Wrocław (1945–1950)

Jolanta Popińska
Beginning of the student scientific movement in Wrocław (1945–1950)
[Początki studenckiego ruchu naukowego we Wrocławiu (1945 –1950)]
s. 57-77; pp. 57-77

Students’ scientific circles at the University and Technical University of Wrocław (founded in August, 26th, 1945) appeared already in autumn 1945 together with the beginning of the academic year. Those circles wanted to continue tradition, structures and activity area of pre-War model. The Ministry of Higher Education accepted the students’ action and the authorities of the university could confirm the circles statutes and appoint curators, who were members of the academic staff. Till 1948 not less than 21 circles, strictly connected with main fields of specialization, were founded. The most of students adhered to the circles. They popularized scientific research and self-teaching, published textbooks, had their own libraries. They were also social and mutual aid centers, important in a difficult time just after the War. Political changes after 1948 influenced the movement. It was centralized and subordinated to ‘Brotherly Help’ (Bratnia Pomoc). At the beginning of 1950s, within authoritative and compulsory centralization of the youth movement, all circles were joined a newly founded Polish Students’ Association. This was the end of their independence. They became a part of totalitarian system.

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