Rycerstwo ziemi namysłowskiej w pierwszej połowie XIV wieku

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Rycerstwo ziemi namysłowskiej w pierwszej połowie XIV wieku
[Knighthood of the Namysłów land in the first half of the 14th century]
s. 3–24; pp. 3–24
Summary: p. 23–24; Zusammenfassung: S. 24
Keywords: knighthood , knights , Namslau , Namysłów , Schlesien , Silesia

In the first half of the fourteenth century, the face of Namysłów knighthood changed many times. Most likely, its origins were the princely servants, obliged to serve in the war. Perhaps few of the more significant indigenous families, like the Smogorzewscy, have arisen from it. In addition to the goods of small knights, there were estates of larger families (Samborowice, Jezioro, Biberstein, later Frankenberg families). Settling in the region of newcomers from the Reich caused further divisions – some of them took the position of moderately prosperous vassals, having a limited impact on the ruler’s policy, while some gained a significant position at the prince’s court. It wasn’t until the middle of the century that a group of individuals developed strong enough and connected with each other to create a representation of the land capable of appearing in public law relations.

Fragmentation of Silesia into an increasingly smaller principality has become for Namysłów an opportunity for development and raising prestige. The city gained the most from the creation of a separate principality, the ruler’s surroundings remained closed to the Namysłów residents. Families brought by prince Conrad (Ebersbachs, Birkenhaines, Gerlahsheims), and earlier by his father Henry from Głogów (Frankenbergs, Bibersteins), became part of the knights of the Namysłów land being formed. They became Namysłów residents, calling themselves perhaps already in the mid-fourteenth century. The second wave of noble settlers (Baruthows, Spieglows, Posernows) merged with the person of Prince Bolesław from Legnica. The composition of the knighthood of the Namysłów land was typical of Silesia: it included both small lessees, moderately prosperous knights and significant gentlemen.

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